Monday, 4 August 2014

Some Tips for Live Event Videography

There is no storyboard, there are not any second takes, there could also be a schedule however it’s not essentially set in stone. Live event filming is concerning knowing the way to work with the unpredictable, which may be nerve-wracking if not ready.

These tips could seem obvious, however they're important if you would like to possess a trouble free shoot thus you'll consider your creative thinking and perfection of every shot.

Where to Be: After a fast scout of the situation before the event itself, keep in mind that the nearer you're, the additional audio and visual info you may be ready to capture on camera. Ideally, it's sensible to possess each wide shot at a distance from the event, furthermore as shots from inside it. Your most suitable choice is to possess 2 cameras with, one at the rear of the house on a lock off, whereas you capture hand-held footage down at the front.

What to Shoot: When you consider live event videography you've got to consider the way to collect pictures and sound that may facilitate give the foremost comprehensive info for the viewer.

Lighting and white balance: Check what lighting the venue has, if it is not adequate then you would like to raise permission if you'll bring your own lighting kit. Check however it's through the camera lens; do not use your eyes to gauge as a camera is unable to adapt furthermore as our eyes will. Furthermore as lighting you would like to create positive the camera is discovering the right color.
Find the Schedule:

Speak with whoever is accountable of the event to seek out out the maximum amount info as doable concerning the set schedule. Though they solely have a rough plan, some things are set in stone.

Make a Checklist: Last thing you would like is to show up at a venue and realize you've got forgotten a significant piece of kit, (like the bottom plate for a tripod!. it happens!). Thus ensure that you just have everything prepared: Cameras, lights, tripods, sound kit in operating order, enough blank tapes, cards etc.

Being on the ball and observation your surroundings can aid you within the success of your shoot and should nail you that glorious shot that nobody else saw!

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